My pharmacist introduced me to Steve and I was amazed at his knowledge. He answered all my questions and saved me over $55 a month on my Medicare Supplement plan F. If I receive anything in the mail I give him a call and he answers my questions. Wouldn't recommend anyone else.  
- Robert H., Elizabeth, CO


 I moved to Hudson, CO from Florida and Mr. Hansen had placed a brochure on my door. I called him and couldn't believe how much time and money he saved me. THANK YOU Mr. Hansen for all you do.  
- Ruth G., Hudson, CO


 Steve mailed an informational package to me and I gave him a call. I was paying over $380 a month on my medicines. After our meeting, he found a plan that reduced my costs to $43 month. I was in tears. On top of that, he found a Supplement that saved me $60 month. What else can I say? Thank You.  
- Jane S., Highlands Ranch, CO


 My daughter works in a pharmacy and Mr. Hansen had helped the pharmacy with some of their patients. I was new to Medicare and I don't think anyone could have explained the Medicare workings any better. He reviews my policies every year to be sure I am still getting the most for my money.  
- Rachel C. Arvada, CO


 Steve showed me in my Medicare and You book and I quickly realized Wesley and myself were overpaying for our Medicare Supplement. All plan F's pay claims EXACTLY the same, the only difference is the premium we were being charged. Steve reviews our plans annually and I could not be happier.  
- Martha and Wesley R. Edgewater, CO


 Holy cow! How can one guy know so much about the confusion that is Medicare? I met Steve because my daughter and son-in-law attend the same church as Steve and his wife Jeanette. He calls me to check on me and I know that he will be with me to be sure I am getting the best for my money. Thank You “Medicare Guy!  
- Stewart E. Warner Wheat Ridge, CO