It’s no secret that choosing the right Medicare supplement plan for you and yours is an important decision. And for anyone who has begun the research phase of choosing the right MediGap plan, you probably already know that navigating this world takes some serious knowledge of technical jargon just to be able to understand the difference between each plan. But being able to choose the ideal Colorado MediGap plan for your specific needs and preferences? That’s a different thing altogether. Luckily, Mile High Medicare has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to our clients that distinguish us as consultants.

So for folks in Aurora, Colorado searching for informational resources with queries like “Colorado MediGap,” “Aurora CO MediGap,” or something else altogether, we are here with exactly what you need. Residents of Aurora will be pleased to learn that we have tailored our resources for residents of Colorado. While there is significant crossover between states, we are here to help residents of Aurora and Colorado at large to help them choose the best Medicare supplement plan for you. So whether you are interested in Plan A, B, K, N, or have yet to begin your research altogether, we can help.

Getting Started

Below you’ll find a few questions to get your gears turning in terms of elements worth considering when choosing the right Aurora MediGap plan:

  • Cost – It’s important to know how much your premiums, deductibles, hospital visits, or hospital stays will be each month.
  • Coverage – Will your plan cover all the services you need? Consider making a list of the services that are non-negotiable/essential for you.
  • Prescription Drugs – Will you need to join a Medicare drug plan? If you do, we’ll help you find out if your drugs will be covered over your preferred plan’s formulary.
  • Travel – Will you need to make sure you plan’s coverage extends to states and countries beyond Colorado? We can help.
  • Doctor And Hospital Selection – If you have a preferred physician and hospital, as most do, you’ll want to make sure that they accept the Medicare supplement plan you have in mind.

We Are Here To Help You

We understand how challenging and even frustrating navigating this kind of decision can be. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. A great place to start is by checking out our resource for breaking down Colorado Medicare plan types. And whether you are in Aurora, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, or Rifle, we can help you find the right CO MediGap plan for you here at Mile High Medicare! Contact us today!